Herman Bergwerf

Welcome! My name is Herman, I live in Amsterdam and I develop software. I am specialized in solving difficult logical problems and translating the solutions to code. Visual communication plays a key role in many of my projects, and I enjoy designing beautiful and innovative interfaces. I like brainstorming together with a team to find the path towards a good product, and to make technical decisions that are future-proof. I have an academic background in biophysics, pure mathematics, and theoretical computer science.

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I started programming over a decade ago. Since then I learned to work with a range of different languages, libraries, frameworks, tools, and stacks. Some of my favorite programming languages are OCaml, Golang, TypeScript, Dart, and C.

UI/UX Design

I am a minimalist, and I like designing distinctive and functional interfaces that are responsive, predictable, and easy to learn and understand. I find it particularly interesting to build WYSIWYG editors using modular principles.

3D Graphics

It is always a treat when 3D rendering is part of a project. There is such a beautiful range of technologies to get things done, and a lot of mathematics is involved! I mainly have experience with low-level 3D; directly using OpenGL or WebGL, and using shaders.

Machine Learning

In my bachelor thesis I got hands-on experience with machine learning by designing and training a Deep Convolutional Neural Network to perform image segmentation of high resolution microscope scans. I also have experience testing and applying existing machine learning models, which is often a very powerful approach to build new solutions.

Formal Verification

One of my academic specializations is formal verification using interactive theorem provers. I developed various formalizations using the Coq Proof Assistant. Developing formal proofs is quite challenging, and requires careful thinking about even the smallest logical inferences. Below is an overview of my formalization projects.

Main topic Repository
Graph pebbling and zero-sum sequences @bergwerf/pebbling
Kleene algebras and shortest paths @bergwerf/star_semiring
Deduction rules for the later modality @bergwerf/later_modality
The Schreier-Sims algorithm @bergwerf/permutation_factors
Arithmetic decidability via automata @bergwerf/linear_integer_arithmetic
The Cantor-Bendixon theorem @bergwerf/settheory
Brouwer’s continuity principle @bergwerf/intuitionism


MSc. Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science

Title An Exploration of Graph Pebbling
Supervisor Dr. Wieb Bosma
Group Pure Mathematics
Full Text doi: 10.48550/arXiv.2303.04590
Resources Presentation on YouTube, Formalization on GitHub
Title Circular lists in Iris ∗ deduction rules of ▷
Supervisor Dr. Robbert Krebbers
Group Software Science
Full Text doi: 10.5281/zenodo.6340500
Resources Formalization on GitHub

BSc. Nanobiology

Title Nerve fiber tracing in bright-field images of human skin using deep learning
Supervisor Dr. Erik Meijering
Group Biomedical Imaging Group Rotterdam
Full Text TU Delft Repository
IEEE Article doi: 10.1109/ISBI.2019.8759504
Topic Interactive Environments at the Industrial Design faculty
Description During one full semeter we were introduced to Interaction Design for physical environments, and challenged to go through an iterative designing and prototyping procedure in small teams.


Company Bergwerf Labs
Email post@hbergwerf.nl
KVK 73224480
VAT NL002378274B15