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Drive3D is a Google Drive app which can display OBJ files in your browser, Drive3D is made using Three.js.

I wanted to make a Google Drive app. Currently, 3D files are not viewable in Google Drive, so I decided to write an app that can display OBJ/MTL files directly in your browser. I found an example which used Three.js to load and render a locally stored OBJ file and combined it with the Google Drive API. I also used the dat.GUI JavaScript library to add some extra controls. You can set the background (clear) color, the light color and the light intensity. You can even embed the OBJ file into your website by making the folder where the OBJ file is located public, and pasting the embed code into your website!

As of 2020 this program is no longer compatible with the Google Drive API. Its source code can still be found at GitHub.

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