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Logic Board is an Android app to simulate simple logic circuits.

I had to make some logic circuits for physics at school. To learn wiring electrical logic, we have something we call a ‘system board’ at school. These boards contain a number of logic gates, a pulse generator, some LED’s, a counter and some other components. You can connect these components with wires. This way, you can create simple logic systems. While working with these boards, I discovered it’s real fun to mess around with logic circuits. This inspired me to make an Android app that enables you to simulate some simple electrical circuits. To make it a little more exiting, I integrated some hardware including the flashlight, the volume +/- button, the return button, and also some sensors including the proximity sensor, the light sensor and the microphone. If you have an Android device and you know a thing or two about electrical logic; install Logic Board, it’s fun and it’s totally free!

You can download the app on Google Play.

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