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I wanted to draw molecules online but I couln’t find a suitable application for this. So I decided to create one myself and MolView was born.

In this project, I’ve combined some JavaScript libraries and web-services to create an awesome and educative web application. Using this application, you can sketch, view and search molecules online. Molecules that you draw in the structural formula editor are resolved to 3D molecules using the NCI Chemical Identifier Resolver. The viewer contains several 3D molecule rendering engines including GLmol, Jmol and ChemDoodle Web. Thanks to Jmol, you can also calculate the MEP surface of a molecule which looks pretty cool. The autocomplete input is perhaps the coolest feature so far, you can just type something and MolView will generate suggestions based on three databases; PubChem, RCSB and the Crystallography Open Database.

Read more on the MolView Blog! MolView can be found at molview.org.

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